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Have you recently been in a crash that wasn’t your fault and are now struggling with debilitating pain, medical bills, loss of income, and the mental anguish that goes with it? You may be eligible to recover damages in a personal injury claim in Baton Rouge.

When It’s Not Your Fault — Call Walt!

Many personal victims don’t realize that can get compensated for far more than what the insurance company will try to get away with paying them. With a personal injury attorney on your side, you can negotiate a better settlement with the insurer, potentially covering future medical bills, lost wages, mental anguish, and more.

Don’t just take the insurance representative’s initial offer for your personal injuries! Get the legal representation you deserve by calling Walter R. Krousel Jr. & Associates, APLC. We know what it takes to cover the many expenses incurred from your injury. Even if the car crash was partially your fault, Louisiana law still allows you to recover damages! So call today!

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What Types of Cases Can A Baton Rouge Personal Injury Lawyer Handle?

An experienced personal injury attorney can handle a wide range of personal injury claims, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Life-threatening injuries
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Wrongful death cases

If you have suffered injuries from one of the above or in another accident, you may not get a fair settlement without having an attorney on your side advising you and working for you. You deserve the best personal injury lawyers to help recover compensation for your claim.

Reach out to our law office for an consultation and see how we can help you recover maximum damages according to Louisiana law.

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What Compensation Can I Recover for My Personal Injuries in LA, Baton Rouge?

Each personal injury case is different, so the exact compensation you recover may vary from what another client experiences. However, the personal injury attorneys of Walter R. Krousel & Associates, understand how to collect maximum compensation for our clients. We fight aggressively to get full financial compensation and help accident victims make a complete recovery.

Some items that would be covered in a valid personal injury claim include:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Other medical expenses, such as hospital bills, ambulance fees, surgical procedures, physical therapy, specialist visits, chiropractors, and more
  • Past and future lost wages, including salaries, bonuses, and vacation time
  • Decreased income-earning ability due to disabilities
  • Disfigurements, such as from scarring and burns
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Wrongful death
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Walter R. Krousel III Attorney
Walter R. Krousel III


30+ Years of Experience

“My father taught me ethics and exposed me to the law starting in childhood. He continued to do so while I practiced law with him.”

Walter Krousel has been practicing personal injury law for over 30 years. He is a graduate of Catholic High School, LSU, and Southern University School of Law in Baton Rouge and a lifelong Louisianan. Growing up, Walter witnessed his father practice law with integrity and learned from a young age how important it is to care for the injured, defenseless and oppressed.

To this day, Walter takes great pride in serving the community that created him and that supports him. Representing injured Louisianians and securing compensation on their behalf is of the utmost importance to this firm as we strive to bring honor to the Krousel family legacy.

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How Does Liability Work in Louisiana Car Accidents?

Under Louisiana law, “every act whatever of man that causes damage to another, obliges him by who’s fault it happened to repair it.” If a negligent party is primarily responsible for the accident, they are responsible for a majority of the cost. However, some injured victims were partially to blame for the car accident. In these cases, the amount awarded to the car accident victims would be lowered according to their share of the fault.

With our knowledge and experience, we skillfully advocate for the rights and interests of the victims of car accidents, ensuring they receive the rightful compensation they deserve for their physical, emotional, and financial losses. Our Baton Rouge personal injury firm is dedicated to representing clients who have been wrongfully injured due to the negligence of others. Contact our law firm today to begin your recovery process with an understanding Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer by your side.

Why Choose Us?

  • We Will Not Back Down You should hire our personal injury law firm because we are not afraid to take on any personal injury cases. We handle many types of accidents in varying degrees of severity. We know how to handle complex cases, including those involving multiple parties, and we will not back down just because they put up a fight. That’s what lawyers are for.
  • Dedicated To Getting The Results You Deserve Another reason to choose us is because of our dedication to getting you the results you deserve. We aggressively negotiate with insurance companies to ensure you get a fair settlement, and we will work tirelessly to prove your case and recover your damages. We investigate every detail to uncover as much evidence as possible to back up your claim, and we will never give up on you.
  • Over Three Decades Of ExperienceWalter Krousel has a great deal of experience, making him a reliable lawyer to work with when you are suffering from severe injuries. With over three decades of experience in personal injury law, our law firm has seen it all and are prepared to handle your case.
  • We Take The Time To Listen Carefully At our law firm, we recognize that each case is unique. We listen carefully and compassionately to your story so we fully understand your worries and concerns. We take the time to investigate your accident to build the strongest case possible. We also gather ample evidence to show the severity of your injuries and demonstrate that you deserve full compensation under the law.
  • Personal Injury Is Our Focus We are focused on helping personal injury victims like you, and we know how to get the job done. Our legal team is prepared to get you the financial compensation you deserve, regardless of what type of accident and injuries you’ve experienced.
  • We Truly Care About You You should hire Walter R. Krousel Jr. & Associates, APLC, because we truly care about you. We dedicate our time, energy, experience, and honesty to our clients because we care about each individual and their families.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Baton Rouge?

When dealing with the complex legal process of seeking compensation for severe injuries, it is critical to have a trusted legal professional offering sound counsel and representation. Some victims who suffer serious injuries are unable to return to work, making it impossible to pay for mounting medical bills. These individuals run the risk of losing their vehicles, homes, and more.

With an experienced Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer on your side, you have a much greater chance of making a full recovery. Whether you have a brain injury, spinal cord injuries, internal injuries, broken bones, disfigurement, paralysis, or have suffered the wrongful death of a loved one, you deserve the maximum compensation possible under the law. Please reach out to an attorney right away before accepting any payment or signing anything with the insurance company.

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How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer in Baton Rouge Help You?

Experiencing a Baton Rouge accident can leave you in pain and feeling frustrated about where to go for help. You might be unable to return to work and face medical bills that are piling up with no hope of being able to pay for them. You need an experienced Baton Rouge personal injury law firm that handles personal injury cases on a daily basis.

Our talented legal team has over 30 years of experience helping victims collect the compensation they deserve in successful personal injury cases. We know what it takes to win your personal injury lawsuit, and we’ll work hard to get you positive results.

Call 225-263-6194 today to schedule your professional consultation. We are located at 4831 North Blvd, Suite 1, Baton Rouge, LA. Our mid-city office location is just 3 minutes from North Street Park and 4 minutes from Milton J. Womack Park. We are also a short 12-minute drive to the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (BTR). Reach out to our law firm and connect with an experienced attorney who can offer the legal counsel and representation you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions?
How Long Do I Have Before Filing a Claim Following a Baton Rouge Accident?

In Louisiana, there is a statute of limitations of one year following an accident. This means that if you have suffered an injury because of another driver’s negligence, medical malpractice, or for any other reason, you must file a claim within a year following the day the injuries were incurred. Reach out to a Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer right away to learn what compensation you may be eligible to receive.

What Injuries Can Be Covered in a Personal Injury Claim?

Our attorneys handle personal injury claims that cover a wide range of injuries. These include broken bones, neck injuries, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, burns, dog bites, paralysis, wrongful death claims, and more. We also help clients recover non-economic damages, such as disfigurement, emotional distress, and damages for catastrophic injuries. To learn whether you have a valid injury claim, please contact us right away for a professional legal consultation.

Who is Liable for Damages in Baton Rouge Truck Accidents?

Accidents involving commercial trucks often cause catastrophic damages to victims, including claiming their lives. When recovering damages for such severe injuries, it is important to know who is responsible so you can bring a valid legal claim against the right party. Some truck accidents are caused by negligent drivers, while others are the responsibility of negligent trucking companies that do not properly maintain their vehicles. It is also possible for a loading crew to be responsible because they did not properly balance the cargo, leading the trucker to lose control.

What Legal Fees Do I Owe When I Hire Your Law Firm?

Our law office operates on a contingency basis, meaning you only pay us if we win! This also means we will be completely honest about your chances of winning your lawsuit. If we don’t think you have a valid claim, we will help you pursue other methods of getting compensation for your injuries, such as negotiating with the insurance company. Reach out to our legal team today to learn more about how we can help you collect maximum compensation for your injuries.

What Should I Do if I’ve Been in a Baton Rouge Auto Accident?

The first thing to do after experiencing a car crash is to seek immediate medical attention for yourself and other victims. All drivers involved are required by law to stop their vehicles and offer aid to injured individuals at the scene of the crash. You should also collect evidence, such as the other party’s contact information, and take pictures of the accident scene. Finally, please reach out to trusted legal professionals for help recovering from the physical, emotional, and financial damages of the crash.

What Are Non-Economic Damages?

Unlike economic damages, which have a monetary value and are easy to calculate, non-economic damages are more difficult to add up. However, they are equally important when recovering from an accident. Some examples of non-economic damages include loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, disfigurement, catastrophic injuries, loss of consortium, and more. Insurance companies will usually not include non-economic damages in a settlement. Contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to recover the compensation you deserve.

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