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Are Baton Rouge Drivers More at Risk of Crashes During Mardi Gras?

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Car Crashes and Popular Events

Car crashes can happen at the drop of a hat and happen often. When large and popular events are in town, the likelihood of crashes is substantially higher. Car crashes and pedestrian injuries significantly rise during large events across the country, and with Mardi Gras being such a draw to our wonderful city, we see a rise each year. With tourists and locals alike, whether drinking is involved or not, crashes seem to be much more apparent during the celebration.

While you can’t necessarily ensure that you avoid an accident, there are ways to prepare yourself to handle the aftermath of an accident better than most.

Read on to learn more.

Plan Ahead for Safety

Have a plan, such as a designated driver, and be cautious when driving or walking through the parade route and surrounding areas. You can add rideshare apps to your phone or have cab company phone numbers in your phone so you are prepared for the festivities.

Plan a meeting spot so each member of your party can keep track of everyone, check in at times, and ensure that everyone is safe.

Partaking in the joyous celebration shouldn’t be avoided, but planning ahead should be a top priority.

It’s important to note that the presence of law service personnel will also be significantly higher during the Mardi Gras, ensuring that everyone is safe. Don’t risk drinking and driving at any time of the year, but during these significant celebrations, understand that more police officers will be overseeing the event.

What Happens if I’m In an Accident?

If you get into a car crash, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you are best prepared should you need to seek compensation.

Check everyone involved for injuries. If there is a need for emergency services, call immediately.

Move your car out of the heavy traffic areas if you are able. This move can help alleviate the likelihood of secondary crashes, whether it be others who cannot navigate the crash area, emergency service vehicles, or people who rush to the scene.

Take pictures or video of all cars involved, where the crash occurred, and the roadway. If the crash happens at an intersection, take pictures or video of the street signs around, considering if stoplights were working and if stop signs were present and unobstructed.

Similarly, if anything on the roadway may have contributed to the crash, such as debris or something that may have made the roads slippery, be sure to document this as well.

If you can’t do these things due to your injuries, see if you can delegate to a nearby party to gather the evidence later.

Other Important Steps to Take Following a Car Crash

Get contact and insurance information for all drivers involved in the crash. Contact the local police so they can send someone down to initiate a police report regarding the incident.

Seek eyewitnesses who may have seen the crash and get their contact information if you need to speak with them.

Get a complete medical exam, even if you don’t feel you have suffered significant injuries. Adrenaline is powerful, and you may not be experiencing pain yet. Furthermore, there are soft tissue injuries that may not present with symptoms immediately, such as those from a concussion or other head injuries, and without being adequately examined immediately, injuries could worsen and become dangerous or, worse, deadly.

Document Everything

Keep all documents in a safe place to easily add to and organize. Things like your medical records, contact information for witnesses or other parties, pictures, and more can all be kept in a file for easy access.

Print off emails or text messages if you have communicated with insurance agencies or other parties since the crash. Keep a journal of the status of your injuries, what may have changed emotionally since the crash, and more. This information may be relevant to damages you choose to pursue in the future.

Having this information gathered while it’s fresh in your memory is essential. Seek the legal assistance of your experienced personal injury attorney and get them copies of all the documents you have gathered so they have a clear picture of what you have and what they may need to investigate further.

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

While you are tending to your injuries and focused on healing after a car crash, your experienced attorney can get to work for you. They can begin with being the communication point between all relevant parties to the collision and your insurance company. They can ensure that you aren’t inadvertently placing unnecessary blame on yourself for the crash occurring by stating only the facts to all interested parties.

They can begin to gather evidence and ensure that you have a strong picture of how the crash occurred and what your role in the crash was. With extensive knowledge of negotiations, they can begin to negotiate on your behalf so you aren’t settling for far less than you deserve.

Should you go to court to pursue damages, they can become your most fierce advocate, undeniably presenting your facts to secure the compensation you so rightfully deserve.

Navigating the aftermath of a car crash is never fun. You likely have medical bills piling up while you are missing out on necessary income to tend to your injuries. While it can seem counterproductive to invest in a lawyer while you are experiencing financial hardship from the crash, by doing so, you can ensure that you aren’t leaving money on the table and are pursuing what is yours with an effective strategy.

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