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Legal Considerations for Motorcycle Passengers in Baton Rouge: Rights and Protections

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Experiencing any motor vehicle accident can be terrifying. What’s more frustrating is when the accident occurred because another individual failed to operate their vehicle safely. These collisions are even more severe when motorcycles are involved because of the lack of protection a bike offers its passengers.

Motorcycle drivers are under an extra obligation to exercise a duty of care when carrying passengers. If a biker engaged in reckless driving, causing your injuries, you may have a valid legal claim against them. This is also true if the collision occurred because of a motor vehicle driver engaged in distracted driving, drunk driving, or other reckless behavior on Baton Rouge roadways.

If you are the victim of a motorcycle crash, you have legal rights and options. Contact our law firm immediately for help from our skilled attorneys and get the support you need to collect maximum compensation. Call 225-263-6194 today!

How Do Motorcycle Inspections Protect Passengers?

One method of protecting Louisiana motorcycle passengers is the legal requirement for owners to inspect their bikes regularly. This ensures the vehicle is safe enough to drive on roads and highways.

Many accidents in the United States are caused by a motorcycle malfunctioning it is defective or poorly maintained. Having faulty brakes, broken headlights, worn-out tires, or other deteriorating parts can all contribute to an accident.

If this is the case for you, you may be able to take legal action against the motorcycle owner or manufacturer. Call today to learn how our lawyers can help you get compensation for your injuries.

What Safety Equipment Are Motorcycle Passengers Required to Use?

Another legal requirement for motorcycle operators and passengers is the use of proper safety equipment. This includes having an adequate helmet that meets modern safety standards.

For proper protection while riding a motorcycle, all occupants should use a helmet equipped with the following:

  •  A chin strap that is fastened at all times
  •  A full visor that protects the face and eyes
  •  Sufficient padding inside the helmet

If your helmet has a “DOT” sticker, it is approved for use. However, helmets that were in a collision should be replaced because of micro-fractures that make them insufficient for protection in a future crash.

Who is Liable in a Motorcycle Crash?

Many victims who were passengers in a motorcycle crash wonder who should be held liable for their injuries. In Louisiana, the law operates under a pure comparative system, meaning both drivers have a right to seek compensation even if they both share fault.

This gets more complicated for passengers who weren’t driving at all. The best way to determine who is at fault in your accident is to consult a trusted legal representative. However, it is important to note that passengers may be able to hold motorcycle operators, vehicle drivers, and others at fault for their injuries.

Depending on who or what contributed to the collision, you may be able to collect compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, disfigurement, wrongful death, and more. Reach out to our legal team to discuss the unique details of your case and see how we can help you recover maximum damages.

Should You Hire Our Personal Injury Attorneys?

Our personal injury attorneys have over 30 years of experience helping victims collect damages following injuries that were not their fault. We believe that each victim deserves to have their story told. They also have the right to make a fresh start by getting help to pay for rising medical costs.

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, many victims suffer unimaginable pain and suffering. These families have the right to see justice served, including receiving financial aid for the damage done to their lives. Our attorneys will listen compassionately to your story and communicate effectively throughout the legal procedure so you can be an active participant in each decision. We will stand by you throughout your legal proceedings to get the results you need in your lawsuit.

Please don’t feel that you must go through this struggle alone. Reach out to our law firm to handle the complex legal process so you can focus on resting and recovering. Call today at 225-263-6194.

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