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Navigating the Legal Process After an Auto Accident in Baton Rouge

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Many Baton Rouge car accident victims think that all they should do is file a claim with the insurance company and accept whatever settlement is offered. However, these claims usually fail to cover the many expenses associated with car accident injuries.

Even in a minor accident, severe injuries may prevent you from working, creating a heavy financial burden for you and your family. To make a full economic recovery and get the compensation you deserve following a wreck, please reach out to trusted legal representatives like those at our law firm. We will review the details of your case and inform you of your legal options for getting compensation.

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Request a Police Report

One of the most important aspects of a car accident case is the police report. This is why calling the police is critical when you’re in an accident, even if the other party seems willing to work with you. The police will file a report that includes details of the crash which can help a judge determine who was at fault in the incident.

You may wish to request the police report and review it yourself. Or, if you’ve hired a legal team, they can do this for you. Even if you were partially to blame for the accident, you could still recover damages in Louisiana. So don’t delay in seeking legal counsel and representation.

Negotiate with Insurance Companies

One of the most complicated aspects of recovering damages following a car crash is working with insurance companies. Agents are typically looking out for their company’s well-being rather than trying to help the victim make a full recovery. Many important damages might be left out of the insurer’s initial offer, such as future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Personal injury attorneys like those at our law firm are skilled negotiators. They won’t back down when an insurance company tries to talk you into taking a lowball offer. Your lawyer will stand up for you when the insurer doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Since the insurance claim is vital to recovering damages, this is an essential step after a car accident.

File a Lawsuit

Finally, many victims find that filing a lawsuit is necessary to collect the full damages they are owed. This is often the case when a crash involves a commercial vehicle or a drunk driver.

When you file a lawsuit, you will present evidence that the other person breached their duty of care, causing you severe physical and financial damage. Part of the evidence you submit should be records of the expenses you’ve incurred because of the injury, including hospital bills, medical equipment, time missed at work, reduced income-earning ability, and non-economic damages such as emotional trauma or pain and suffering.

With a personal injury lawyer on your side, you have a guide who will ensure you have all the proper documentation to walk away with a fair settlement. Your attorney can also handle the complex legal matters in your case so you can focus on resting and recovering.

Should You Hire Our Personal Injury Attorneys?

Getting full compensation for your injuries is critical when recovering from a car accident caused by another person’s negligence. Even if the other party seems friendly and caring at the scene of the crash, they can turn into a bitter enemy in court. In these difficult circumstances, you need experienced attorneys who will fight aggressively for you.

At our law firm, we have spent over 30 years helping clients like you get the compensation they need to recover after a car accident. We understand Louisiana law and will work tirelessly to protect your rights as the victim of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. We will also pursue punitive damages if the at-fault party engaged in criminal behavior.

Don’t go it alone when seeking justice for your injuries. You can rely on our experience, knowledge, and dedication to your case. Call today to schedule a free consultation at 225-263-6194.

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